The girls of Magic Mountain both past and present 

Magic Mountain's Serendipity

Sera was our foundation bitch for most of my females.

We lost Sera at 11 years of age. She will most certainly be missed!

Magic Mountains Sierra and Sevana below. Lost both girls at the age of 10.

Sera and Evan's daughters.

My how they have grown!!!!!

I am very pleased with how these ladies have matured!!

See for yourself:-)

Magic Mountain's The Sky Is The Limit

Co-owned with Kathy Garrison

Sky pictured below at 8 weeks old.

Pictured below at 2 years of age.

Sky with co-owner Keith Garrison pictured below
Magic Mountain's Dakota

co-owned with Kathy Garrison

pictured at 2 years old
Magic Mountain's Dallas

littermate to Dakota pictured at 2 years of age

Peyton..below.. is a Dallas and Brody daughter. She is maturing beautifully at 2 years old.

Skyler is a CH. Magic Mountain's The Sky Is The Limit daughter  bred to Melon City Viv.

Skyler at 8 weeks old below

Skyler at 2 1/2 years old below

Shiloh.. a CH. Magic Mountain's The Sky Is The Limit daughter bred to Melon City Vic pictured  below at 8 weeks of age and again at 2 1/2 years of age.

 She is a Shiloh and Brody daughter.  Looks just like her mom Shiloh. Pictured at 10 weeks.

Sage below pictured at 7 weeks and again at 10.

Sage below candid pictured at 10 weeks. 

Sage 2 years old

Magic Mountains Outa My Mind
 Mother of Magic Mountain's Keeper of The Cache AKA Cache

Alpine Mtns. Dulce of Magic Mountain

pictured below at 8 weeks old.

Dulce winning Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners for a 3 pt. major at the Mid Atlantic Saint Bernard Club Specialty Show on May 2, 2014. Thank you Brian and Amanda for your help:-)

Ruby below

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